Ever had that amazing, mind-bending, supertastic osu! play? Now you can tell all your friends: "Hey! Look At My Score!"
Ever thought the osu! result screen is just a tad too big to spam in a discord chat, or you just wanted to put it somewhere where there's not a whole lot of space?

Look no further! This is the tool for you!

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Simply enter some details below and get a nice picture generated just for you! Check the How it works page for more details!


The username of the person who did the score
While searching for scores on the osu! server, include recent scores by this user instead of only looking at top-scores. A maximum of 50 recent scores is searchable.

Advanced manual score-data input. This requires some knowlegde about the osu-api score object.

Date must be in UTC!
Mods-bitmask, for reference see: https://github.com/ppy/osu-api/wiki#mods
Leave empty if unknown

[mode (comment)] Artist - Title [diff] by Mapper

Enter the URL of a beatmap page, or enter the ID of the beatmap (append an 's' to the ID for a set-ID)
Use the default gamemode of the map, or set it yourself (eg. for converts)
Upload a replay file (.osr)
Leave empty if unknown
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